Julie Victoria – 20 Years Ago Today

by l true

Today marks a very special anniversary for our family. Today is the 20th anniversary of my sister, Julie’s adoption. Twenty years ago today I remember driving to Vancouver airport and anxiously awaiting to meet my sister. I was giddy excited with a grin that couldn’t be wiped off of my face. I held a bouquet of flowers and we waited so eagerly to meet her. I will forever remember seeing those big brown eyes and wondering all of the emotions that she must be feeling and what she was thinking. I remember standing in YVR with people all around us and our first group hug as a family of six. In that moment I knew that we were blessed and that our lives had forever been changed.

Julie you are an absolute gift and delight to our family. Growing up I had always wanted a sister. I had to wait eighteen years but it was worth the wait! You are one of the most compassionate people that I know. You truly love your family and care for other people. You have a great sense of humor. You have an adventurous spirit and zest for life. You bring a sparkle into any room that you walk into. You are amazing with kids and your nieces and nephews adore you. The truth is that we are all rather fond of you and love you; forever and always.

Happy 20th Anniversary Julie!