Lianna True Photography

Tough Mudder | Whistler

This weekend Rod participated in the Whistler Tough Mudder. He was part of a group of people and I came along to cheer him on. For those who aren’t familiar with Tough Mudder here is an explanation from their website.

“Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. Tough Mudder is more than an event, it’s a way of thinking. By running a Tough Mudder challenge, you’ll unlock a true sense of accomplishment, have a great time, and discover a camaraderie with your fellow participants that’s experienced all too rarely these days.”

Tough Mudder is very clear to make sure that this is not a race. This is not about completing it as fast as you can. It is about working together with your team and helping everyone out. It was an amazing experience to watch so many people and strangers who didn’t know each other literaly lend each other a hand.

Everyone had a great time and I got much muddier than I thought I would as a spectator. We all came home with huge smiles, new friendships, memories of a lifetime, and ready to soak in the hot tub.













Run For Water

Today was the sixth annual Run For Water in Abbotsford. Run For Water is a fund raising event to help fund clean water projects in Ethopia. It is a wonderful community event with so many local businesses and organizations coming together to support this cause.

As much as we would have liked a sunny day in typical BC fashion the rain was a coming down. This year Mackenna and Rod ran together in the 5K run. Mackenna did amazing and I am so very proud of her!





A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Disco Style | Part II

If you missed part one you can see that here.

As I mentioned in the first post our childrens school put on a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream set in the 1970’s last week. It was a delight to watch and the amount of time and effort that was put into the show was incredible. There were hours spent in rehearsals, planning costumes, learning dances, and memorizing lines. It was fantastic to watch and I am amazed at the creativity and talent. Here are some of the photographs from the show.










A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Disco Style | Part I

Our children’s school, ASIA – North Poplar, has been working very hard for the last couple of months to put on a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was to be set in the 1970’s and did they ever pull it off! Last night was the final perfomance and it was a fantastic show. All three of the kids were involved. Mackenna played the role of one of the main fairies – Moth. Kaidan’s class danced to That’s The Way I Like It. Kennedy’s class danced to Dancing Queen. The creativity that went into this performance was outstanding.

I will be posting more photographs of the show but for today here are my three in their disco best!





Snow Crystal

We are back from spending another amazing weekend up at Manning Park. Wonderful time with the family, lots of laughs and fun in the snow. Here is a single photograph of a snow crystal.

Merry Christmas

Today was the annual photograph of the kids in front of the Christmas tree. I used to do it on Christmas Eve while the kids were all dressed up and right before we left for the Christmas Eve Service. That only seemed to result in us being rushed, cranky kids, and grumpy parents. Nice way to arrive at a Christmas Eve Service eh? So this is the second year that I have gotten the kids all dressed up and done it early. WHY didn’t I do this sooner?

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!

EDN Dance Recital – The Nutcracker

This year both Mackenna and Kennedy are taking ballet at EDN Studio here in Abbotsford. Both girls are loving the classes and we are equally as happy! Last night was their Christmas Dance Recital – The Nutcracker. Kennedy was one of the party guests and Mackenna was one of the waltzing flowers. They both did amazing and it was a joy to watch them dance.

Poplar Market

This weekend I was able to participate in the Poplar Market.  This market was amazing!  Kelly and Bethany teamed up to put on an amazing homemade and vintage style market.  The market was a fundraising event for the students of ASIA North Poplar.  Kelly and Bethany (along with many others) put in endless hours and they did a fantastic job.   When you walked into the school you were overwhelmed with a feast of eye candy.  You hardly knew what to look at first.  So many parents, staff, and members of the community came together, donating their time and skills to pull off  this market. 

The vendors that attended Poplar Market were all local artisans and the quality of the items was incredible.  Poplar Market also had some incredibly generous sponsors.  Our sponsors included Price Smart, Staples, Spruce Collective, GoMAC, and Bourquin Printers & Signs.  For a full list of all of the vendors at Poplar Market you can follow the link to the Poplar Market website. 

If you missed out this year you will want to make sure to put it on your calendar and come out next year!  As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  So enough words and enjoy the photographs that show just what an amazing day it was.


Mother & Daughter

This weekend I met up with Nicole and her daughter Jada. It had been raining all weekend and it didn’t look too promising for our scheduled session. However the weather turned out beautiful with not a drop of rain! We had fun exploring through the woods and enjoyed creating these photographs together.


Yesterday afternoon we went to Willow View Farms in Abbotsford. We picked up a few pumpkins and brought them home to carve. The tendrils (I’ll be honest I had to look that up. I didn’t know what they were called.) on the stem of one of the pumpkins caught my attention. They were so thin and wispy looking. They were begging me to have their photogaph taken.